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Data Analysis Using Minitab

Data analysis training using Minitab focuses on obtaining a meaning for the vast amount of data generated by the process. Unless the data process data is analysed correctly and efficiently, we would not be able to understand how the process behaves and whether the process is meeting the customer requirement or not? The data analysis helps to identify the process improvement areas to be focused by the managers. Minitab software helps the managers to obtain the data analysis results faster and with ease.

Programme Objectives:
Upon completion of this training, participants would have a good understanding of the data analysis tools and techniques and use the same on a regular basis to interpret results from the process data.

Data analysis training Requirements: No specific requirements
Training Duration: 2 Days
Certification: Online/Offline exam for 1 hour; Passing %: 70%

Who Should Attend:
-Lean Six Sigma Project team members
-Quality Analysts/ Managers
-Operations team members/Managers

Programme Outline:
-Data Types
-Sample size determination
-Basic Statistics
-Pareto chart, Box Plot and Scatter Plot
-Process Capability Analysis
-Attribute Agreement Analysis & Gage R &R
-Hypothesis Tests
-Test of Means – 1 t, 2t, paired t, ANOVA
-Test of Proportions- 1P, 2P, Chi square Tests
-Simple Regression
-Multiple Regression
-Binary Logistic Regression
-Control Charts – Variable Data
-(IMR, Xbar-R, X bar-S)
-Control Charts – Attribute Data
-(np, p, c, u charts)

Minitab Training and Consulting

Clients testimonials

Alex was very helpful, and he has great knowledge about lean six sigma. The case studies he discussed were very much useful to understand the application of six sigma in professional projects

Sagar Raykar

The trainer, Alex has excellent knowledge and taught Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt courses very well. I had a good learning experience

Aditya S

Excellent training given by Alex. Live examples and the technicality of statistical tools given by Alex during the training session was one thing I enjoyed the most. Thank you so much for your extended support

Deepa M

Special thanks to Mr. Alex for a very good teaching and for making the classes interactive

Madhu D P

Enjoyed the Lean Six Sigma classes from Alex Rajan, wo was really patient enough to explain all the topics in detail

Jalpa J

Examples which were provided for the topics and the explanation given by the trainer was great. Mr. Alex has a good command on Lean six Sigma topics and is excellent in presentation and explanation. Resolved my queries in simple manner

Thirupathi Reddy

The training sessions were very interactive, and Alex has got good knowledge about the subject

Aji S Nath

I enjoyed the Analytics and outcome. Alex was great. Thank you, Alex, for being the trainer for the course

Pradhdeep Singh

The trainer, Mr. Alex was knowledgeable and was very kind to patiently train us. Thank you

Jissy Thomas

I enjoyed the training to the core. The statistics part, in the beginning I was blank, but Alex repeated the topics and process, which made the understanding smooth

Anushree Kale